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Voice Of Elders
 Y E A R   2 0 1 3  PROFILES

What it will take you to fulfill Destiny in 2013.

Your life is a mission underway. Every day that you live, every breath that you take, every talent you have, every person you meet, everything that you do — all factor into the purpose God has for your life. You are an ambassador for Christ, a merchant of hope, a bringer of good news. And the Lord is with you everywhere you go. James Ryle- Rylisms Devotional of 21/06/12

Towards the end of 2012, God spoke to me from the bookof Ezra chapter 7. where He spelt out what 2013 would look like. Like every other year, it has its two handles- the "ups and downs", "evens and odds", good and bad.
In his infinite mercy, God, by His Holy Spirit, has declared Year 2013 as year of “SPEEDY FAVOUR” for us.(Ezra 7:21). When I say, "us", I mean sons and daiughters of God whose desire is to follow their heavenly Father, obey His instructions and walk as kingdom sons and daughters in this present evil world.
On the other side, God's judgment is eminent upon the ungodly this year, most especially upon national leaders and those in authorities at all levels. Except they repent God stands to judge them. Those in authority must find their way back to the Owner of Government-the God of heaven and earth.
God speaks from the book of Ezra 7:1-27. He gives:
1.    The Promises
2.    The Cautions
3.    The Focus, and
4.    The Strength for performance.

The Promises;

(1.)  Ezra was helped by king Artaxerxes who was called, the king of kings: God has promised us that people in positions, as, heads of Corporations, Presidents of nations, Head of Ministries and Parastatals, Men of proven and outstanding Honour shall be compelled by divine had to help us.(Ezra 7:12)
(2.)  The king issued a decree in favour of Ezra: In 2013, God has so ordained it that irrevocable favour shall flow in our direction; we shall have authenticated supplies for all our needs; and that all that He shall do for us shall be unbeatable and be undebatably outstanding. It shall also be free of supplanting.(Ezra 7:13)
(3.)  There shall be divine and express permission for men to follow and help us. We shall not lack the Divine backing, and of all those that matter for fulfilling God s counsels.(Ezra 7:13-14)
(4.)  All the needed silver and gold by Ezra were supplied ahead of time. All that we shall ever be in need for fulfilling and carrying out God s work shall be supplied, and had been supplied ahead of time.(Ezra 7:15-18)
(5.)  Ezra was given open-ended- providential supplies to the limit of what he may never exhaust. God had given us open-ended-providential supplies to the limit of what we may not need.(Ezra 7:20-22).
(6.)  Ezra was given supplies of  salt  without limit. God has so ordained it that this 2013, He shall preserve us without limit. Give us peace unlimited. The flavour of His grace has been given without limitation, and seal our lives with everlasting joy.(Ezra 7:22c)(Mark 9:50).
(7.)  Ezra was exempted from Taxes, Tributes and Customs; God has so ordained it that anything called yokes, burdens, oppression and demonic tributaries, we are out of it.(Ezra 7:24)

The Caution:

(1.)  Use all the resources for the purpose it is meant.(Ezra 7:17)
(2.)  Use your discretion in the application of the God-given resources for other INCIDENTAL needs.(Ezra 7:18)
(3.)  Carry your people along in your respective leadership role. (Ezra 7:18)
(4.)  Let the will of God prevail in all you do. (Ezra 7:18)
(5.)  Avoid Cheats and cheating. (Ezra 7:19).
(6.)  Differentiate what  must be handled by you  and delegate the rest. Ezra 7:25-26.
(7.)  Do not withhold discipline where necessary.(Ezra 7:26)

The Focus:

(1.)  Seek the Lord and His law- Be willing to walk with, and work for God according to His will.(Ezra 7:10,23)
(2.)  Make God s priority your priority. (Ezra 7:9).
(3.)  Be on the move for God and His course.(Ezra 7:8-9).
(4.)  Judge unrighteousness, do not spear it.
(5.)  Appreciate God all the time knowing full well that, it is neither by human power nor might, but by His Spirit. Ezra 7:27-28)

The Strength For Performance:

(1.)  Ask for Divine skill as you retreat before the Lord.
(2.)  Ask for My(God s) presence and for My(God s) hand in, and on all you do.
(3.)  Ask for My Mercy to prevail in all you do; and.
(4.)  Pray for the full performance of my promises.
His word remains “Yea and Amen”

Nigeria and the World

    There is the need to pray for our great nation(Nigeria) against bloody coup d'etat, come 2013, that can lead to division of this great nation. If  coup d' etat and division  is a necessary evil for God to accomplish His divine plan for Nigeria, God should make it a blood-shed- free operation.
God will visit Nigeria to judge those who are due for judgement and show mercy to those who had been penned down by God for His mercy.
Those in Position of Authority must find their way back to God in repentance. They must seek God and do that that pleases Him. Judgement is inevitable this year.